Salary: $21.00 – $24.75 per hour, 24 hours per week. Pay rate will increase as training is completed.

Education/Experience: Must be at least 18 years of age and have a Bachelors’ Degree or High School diploma/GED and two years experience working with persons with developmental disabilities; ability to work independently; ability to establish and maintain relationships with consumers, employers and members of other organizations.

Communication Skills: Must be able to communicate well in English, both verbally and in writing with consumers, all levels of staff, family members and other persons in the community.

Judgment/Initiative: Must be able to use good judgment in dealing with consumer issues/emergencies, as well as staff related issues. Must work well independently and maintain a good working relationship with the supervisor(s).


  • Valid New Jersey drivers license.
  • CPR and First aid certification.
  • Physical and negative Mantoux or chest x-ray every year
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Essential Functions: Assist consumers to obtain and maintain competitive employment in a respectful and safe manner.

Job Duties

  • Know, understand and follow all Arc policies, procedures and practices as described in The Arc Manuals, DDD Supported Employment and Day Program Manual and by supervisory staff
  • Successfully complete the Supported Employment Specialist Training(s) or equivalent DDD pre-service training; Arc Orientation; CPR and First Aid; Preventing Abuse and Neglect; Medication; Medication Administration; Behavior Modification; and any other training required by the supervisor, within 120 days of date of hire
  • Assess each person with developmental disabilities assigned, to clearly identify the goals and abilities of the individual
  • Assist residential staff with coordinating transportation to and from the job or to provide travel training to assist the person to get to his/her job independently
  • Acquire and maintain a working knowledge of disability laws, Social Security regulations, work incentive guidelines available to individuals with disabilities and their employers
  • Maintain a professional liaison and communication with families, residential staff, employers, community members, etc.
  • Coordinate with residential programs, families and other staff to ensure development of pre-placement skills, e.g. personal hygiene, personal appearance, interview skills, social skills, self medication skills and budgeting
  • Participate in the IHP process and attend IDT meetings as a member of the individual’s interdisciplinary team
  • Initiate and maintain contacts with perspective employers
  • Work with employers to restructure jobs to match the goals and abilities of individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Conduct job site job and task analysis and identify modifications and accommodations appropriate for individuals with disabilities
  • Support the individual with disabilities in selecting a job, which matches their desires and abilities
  • Work with the employer to provide the on the job training and the initial support needed to learn the job
  • Identify and develop the supports required for individuals with disabilities to maintain employment, including natural supports on the job (e.g. co-workers)
  • Troubleshoot any problems that arises during the course of employment