With a focus on community-based experiences, participants are encouraged to explore activities of interest as well as activities that build life skills or offer the person an opportunity to develop new interests.

For persons who need, or require, the flexibility of participating in both community-based and center-based activities, a recent expansion to The Arc’s Day Habilitation Center offers participants access to a variety of small group activities that fit their interest, abilities, and needs.

Programs include community-based activities like shopping excursions, visiting a library or museum, seeing a movie, gardening, or participating in community volunteer activities. Center-based activities include cooking classes, fitness instruction, technology usage, exploring musical abilities, life skill building, and recreational activities.

Whether you’re interested in community-based experiences, or if you would prefer a mix of community-based and center-based activities, we encourage you to contact us using the form below to set up a time to tour our location and discuss your individual needs.