Job Title:  Billing Specialist


Salary Range:  $18-24 per hour, depending on experience


Schedule:   Part Time 16 hours per week


Requirements:  BA Degree in a related field, plus two years of experience in a finance department utilizing a general ledger and computer programs.     



  • Knowledge of medical billing & collection practices/regulations
  • Computer literate
  • Able to operate basic office equipment
  • Well organized and detail oriented
  • Valid New Jersey driver’s license.              


Essential Functions:  Responsible for collecting, posting and managing account payments.  Responsible for submitting claims and reconciling accounts with various contracts including, Medicaid, DDD, Public Partnerships and Individual Service Plan Invoicing.   


Job Duties

  • Prepare and submit process work in progress and billing to ensure that all client invoices are billed accurately, consistently within client requirements and on a timely basis
  • Track turnaround times for the billing cycle
  • Answer questions from consumers, support staff, clerical staff and insurance companies
  • Research and resolve billing issues with external and internal clients
  • Code, enter, reconcile and balance payables and internal accounting records
  • Manage AR transactions such as cash, direct deposits, terminal cash and credit card payments as they relate to daily invoicing and billing submittals
  • Manage Internal accounting records, such as journal entries and GL account reconciliations
  • Prepare, review and send statements as requested by the billed entity
  • Perform various collection actions including contacting clients by phone, correcting and resubmitting claims to third party payers