Job Title: Management Coach

Salary:     $35,000 annualized salary

Professional, Exempt

Education/Experience: Bachelor’s degree and four (4) years of experience in some combination of administration, staff supervision, and working with developmentally disabled population.  Including at least three years of working with developmentally disabled population and two (2) years’ supervisory experience. Additional experience will be considered in the absence of a college degree.

Essential Functions:  Serve as management support (for training and functioning as) mid-level management in varying locations to assure the delivery of quality services. Additionally, to act as the Residential Manager to oversee the operation of specific day to day operations of specific residential programs as assigned. Understand the vision and mission in order to guide decision making within the dynamics of the agency and the community. Demonstrate leadership by effectively using a team process and by role modeling professionalism in all interactions.

If interested:

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The Arc is an Equal Opportunity Employer